Star Wars-IRC
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Many IRC Networks these days have services to help users. StarWars-IRC is no exception. We currently have ChanServ, NickServ, MemoServ, HostServ, BotServ, and OperServ. These services are part of a package called "Anope IRC Services". Below is a more detailed description of each and exactly what function(s) they perform.

ChanServ - Channel Services

The Channel Services Bot, or ChanServ, helps maintain channel integrity by keeping op lists, ban lists, etc. It helps keep topics in place and allows a person to "own" a channel.
NickServ - Nickname Management

The Nickname Registration Bot, NickServ, works hand-in-hand with ChanServ to register and maintain Nicknames for individual users. It allows you to keep control of your nick even when you aren't online. It also provides ChanServ with any easy and efficient way of verifying who you are and if you are allowed access in specific channels.
MemoServ - Offline Communication Services

MemoServ, the Memo Transmission Service, also works with NickServ. It allows users to leave small notes for other users who aren't currently on line. This provides a simple, effective way to inform other users of important events happening on IRC without going through the pain of writing an e-mail message and sending it.
HostServ - Virtual Host Services

HostServ allows us to provide custom virtual hosts to users on the StarWars-IRC network.
BotServ - Channel Bot Services

BotServ allows StarWars-IRC channel owners to create their own bots to occupy their channels. They perform most of ChanServ's actions, just in a more transparent manner.
OperServ - IRC Operator Services

Our Oper Service Bot, OperServ, helps make IRC Operators' lives easier by automating some of the management commands. It also allows us to establish Global K-Lines, or A-Kills that ban a user from the entire net in the event that they become troublesome.