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Web submission of the link application is currently disabled. Please email the below data to

StarWars-IRC Server Link Application
Drafted by: Vexed
Revised by: Luke (10.11.2001)

Want to link with StarWars-IRC? Simply include the following information in an email to .
* We do not allow win32-based servers. *

Server IP address:

Server name

Your first name:

Your last name:

Current email address:

Operating System (OS) IRCd will be running on:

Internet connection speed (T3, T1, DSL 384/128, etc.)

Geographic location (city, state, country):

Congratulations! You've completed the StarWars IRC Request to Link. Some things to note before you hit the submit button:
1. Be sure you have read and agree with our charter,
2. Be aware that we allow one (1) Server Admin, one (1) Server Coadmin, four (4) Global Opers, and an unlimited number of Local Opers per server.
3. We run Anope IRC Services. There are no negotiations on this, and you may not run your own services.